Many aspects of Romanian corporate law will seem familiar, whilst some things will seem strange to you.

We will be pleased to introduce you to the various company forms and corporate law activity oppor-tunities in Romania. Based on your wishes and requirements we can help you to choose the right company form for your needs.

We will naturally follow the entire incorporation procedure, issue the necessary documents and assist you in obtaining any permits required. We provide support with corporate restructuring and changes to the shareholders’ composition or corporate law measures of any kind. Advising with regard to company law is also integrated consulting. We therefore provide you with comprehensive advice in all issues of fiscal optimisation of company structures and also involve experienced specialists.

The focus areas of our range of consulting services are:

  • Choice of the legal form and formulation of articles of association that are also sustainable in the future
  • Corporate governance, in particular formulation of codes of business for managing directors, members of Boards of Directors, Supervisory Boards and Advisory Boards
  • Advising of the company organs in issues relating to liability
  • Liability of managing directors and members of Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards
  • Solving of conflicts between shareholders or between shareholders and company organs
  • Restructuring of companies
  • Appealing against shareholder decisions