The requirements that laws and courts place on companies are becoming ever more complex. This also applies in a country like Romania in which amendments to legislation are often made at short notice. Such changes, coupled with very short “preparatory periods” at times, mean an increased risk of claims being filed against companies and/or their management for breaches of this legislation. Compliance is becoming increasingly important, particularly in consideration of these aspects. The challenges and risks of operating business are too diverse for these not to be countered with correspondingly careful checking and preparation.

Based on our many years of experience, we would be pleased to develop an individual compliance programme for your company. In close collaboration with you and tailored to the special characteristics of your business, we examine your processes and potential for risk, propose optimised measures and accompany you in their implementation. The goal here is to identify risks, recognise dangers and minimise them for the future. In the process, we particularly point out the country-specific characteristics of Romania and, based on our international networking, are able to highlight explicitly the differences compared to an investor's “home region”.

Particularly also in a new market with legal boundary conditions that are different to those from the home country, diverse questions arise with regard to the organisation and support of business activity.

Our range of consulting services extends from the identification and assess-ment/evaluation of compliance risks to specific management interviews and the implementation of a customised compliance programme. We are also pleased to support you in the “maintenance” of your system, carry out compliance audits and advise you in your activity as a compliance officer.

You are of course in the best possible hands with our company in specific compliance cases. We support you in crisis management, in particular in communication with the media and authorities, and offer individual training courses for conduct in crises.